November 20, 2017

You Want Me To Hit It Where – My Favorite Waterfall

I have only been playing golf for a few years so I definitely consider myself to be a beginner still. Our local course has three sets of 9 hole courses – called Longest, Island and Waterfall. The first time I played Waterfall I couldn’t figure out why it was called Waterfall – until I saw it for myself.

The first few times I played this hole I was so distracted by the fact that I had to hit the ball across the water and UP and over a waterfall to the green, I hit my ball straight into the water. Its only a 102 yard Par 3, but there is a waterfall to clear and that is nerve wracking!! By the end of last year I started to figure it out and actually made it up on the green a few times. My goal this year – not to donate any pink golf balls to the waterfall!

Do you have a favorite feature at your “home” course? What is the most unusual golf hole you have played?

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