November 20, 2017

Three Pink Golf Shoes I Love

Our golf season start has been delayed just a bit between the extra long winter Mother Nature decided to give us and my husband’s injury this winter, but I am starting to get antsy. For some reason I am of the mind set that there is no such thing as too many pair of cute golf shoes and I am looking for fun pink ones this year.

Three different pink golf shoe styles I am looking at right now are:

Pink Adidas Golf Shoes

Adidas 2012 adiCross S Womens Golf Shoes – Pink White
– these are lightweight and spikeless which means you can wear them on and off the golf course.

Pink Adizero Golf Shoe

Adidas adizero Sport Golf Shoes – Womens Pink
– the adizero have more support than the adiCross do but they are also spikeless. They look almost like a running shoe – which I am not sure I like or not.

Footjoy pink summer golf shoes

FootJoy Womens Summer Series Golf Shoes – FJ#98968 (Black/White/Pink)
– so far I have worn Nike, Adidas and Footjoy golf shoes and my Footjoy’s are my favorite. These FootJoys have spikes but they are also so soft inside.

Decisions, decisions! I’m leaning towards the FootJoys or maybe the adiCross. What would you pick?

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