November 20, 2017

Sprinklers, Cart Golf and Mulligans

My husband and I took advantage of all the kids having plans on Sunday and headed out to the golf course. We had a 10:45 a.m. tee time and it was already 85 and super sunny.

Our local course, Meadows Farms, is in the process of upgrading areas of the course and they recently re-opened my favorite nine – Waterfall. We started on Waterfall and it was pretty apparent from our play on the first hole that we were going to take a few holes to warm up.

By the time we got to the 4th hole, which is the waterfall hole, we had realized there was no one behind us and decided to take advantage of that and re-hit some of our balls as needed. I guess you’d call them Mulligans, but I just called it practice. I have been known to hit my driver off the tee box on waterfall #4 even though it really just requires about a 9 to get up on top of the green. (Here’s a picture) Since  we had the leisure of practicing, I decided to use the right club and go for my 9. The first ball was perfectly aligned but needed just a little more loft because it hit the wall of the waterfall about 2 feet below the top. My next two shots were just bad. I must have lifted my shoulders or something because I managed to hit the ball with the back end of the club sending my ball off into the scrub.

Because it has been so hot and the course is really trying to keep the greens in good shape, they had sprinklers going in random (well, random to me) places through out the course. It was about 88 degrees by the time we came across the first sprinklers and we couldn’t help but drive through! It felt so good and since I was wearing my favorite Nike Dri-Fit golf shirt, I dried out quickly.

Have you ever heard the term “cart golf?” It is what you get when two people who are playing together consistently hit the ball to almost the exact same spot – time and time again. Yeah, we had quite a bit of cart golf going on yesterday which is fine with me. Why? Because if I am hitting the ball to where my husband is, I’m getting better!

Memorable shots:

  • Nice straight drive off #6 that took me right down the middle of the fairway
  • Chip shot out of the sand that caught a lucky roll up the wall and ended up perfectly placed on the green
  • Husband’s horrible drive that landed on the next fairway, but actually lined up nicely for a shot with a 5 iron that landed about a foot from the pin.

Balls lost:

  • More than I have lost in a long time! None to the woods, but too many to the water

Favorite clubs:

  • Gained some confidence with my 6 iron and my Lob Wedge came in handy, too.


  • Let’s just say we stopped keeping score and deemed this a learning round. ;-)

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