November 20, 2017

Planting A Golf Seed

Last summer we introduced our kids to golf. Of the three, our youngest seems to enjoy it most. She took a golf camp last summer and could not wait to sign up for it again this summer. So when we suggested a family golf outing today, Natalie was pumped. She was ready. The other two opted out of golf for the day and let me just say, it was their loss. It was one of the more perfect days on the course.

Since there were three of us we needed two golf carts. Natalie started the day riding with me and while we were waiting for my husband to come out of the clubhouse, the owner of the course, Farmer Meadows came over and started chatting to us. He was so impressed that she was wearing her red cap from golf camp last year.

We started on the practice hole and had fun watching a turtle sunbathing on the rocks at the water hazard. As it has been on my past few golf outings, my first drive of the day was one of my best! Nice and straight. Natalie teed her purple ball up and gave it her best hit, then collected her ball and waited until we were on the green to drop her ball and play it to the hole. We have found that this style of play is perfect for her right now – at least while she is still working on her skills and looking up to her namesake, Natalie Gulbis.

Our play today was pretty uneventful – just a really nice warm day. We enjoyed the chatter of our little golf buddy as she wanted to know all the ins and outs, paid close attention to what clubs we used and when, and helped us spot for each other.

Coming into the ninth hole we did see something I have never seen before – we had to pull our golf carts off the cart path to let a Pepsi truck pass!  I guess he can’t turn around near the clubhouse so he drove through the course to an access point to the road.

Pepsi truck on the golf course

What’s the craziest thing you have seen on the golf course?

Memorable shots:

  • Finally hit hard enough to make it over the water hazard just to have the ball bounce weird off the edge of the green back into the water!
  • A few long shots on the fairway with my 3 wood

Balls lost:

  • Three to water and one to the woods

Favorite clubs:

  • Driver by far. I definitely had more good drives than bad today.


  • Still averaging 5-6 strokes a hole – some better, some worse ;-)




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