November 20, 2017

Pendleton May 2011

So, after weeks of rain and dreary days, my husband and I were finally able to get back out on the golf course today. We decided to play Pendleton which is a very nice course that is very hilly and I find challenging.

I decided to mix things up a bit today and play purples (Wilson Hopes) instead of my normal pinks. Also in the new category were my bargain Footjoy Green Joy’s that I got on clearance last fall (very comfy I might add) and a cool Tan Thru  Glove that is half finger length. The new glove is awesome! I was sent the Tan Thru glove by East Coast Golf to review for my site and I may never wear a full finger glove again! I could not believe the difference in comfort.

Anyhow, the round started off with a decent drive except that it landed in the sand right next to a dearly departed little frog who was lying belly up. EWW! Getting my ball out of the sand without stepping on this poor deceased frog was a challenge, but I made it. The next few holes went down the drain – literally! The course is rather hilly and they have been cutting in drainage trenches with all the rain we have been having lately. I managed to get my ball in a drainage trench not once, not twice, but three times in the first nine holes! Yikes.

My favorite club today was my 9-iron. It got me to the green on many a shot – and was my hero on 16 where I had to hit over a bunch of scrub grass (I call it junk) to get to the green. I was so proud of myself – I made it and then proceeded to three-putt!

I don’t know about you, but it always screws us up when the grounds crew is working on the course while we are playing. Today was the worst! They were doing some aerating on the fairways and this one tractor kept showing up. Not only did the driver not seem to care that we were trying to play he kept going in the same direction as we were. This really messed up our concentration on about three different holes. UGH.

Memorable shots:

  • First stroke into the sand next to the dead frog
  • Fabulous drive off #10 and then we realized there was a super slow foursome in front of us and chose to skip past them (best decision of the day!)

Balls lost:

  • One to water and 2 to the woods

Favorite clubs:

  • #9 rocked and I hit a few nice shots with my 5 (baby driver)


  • Averaged 6 strokes a hole – some better, some worse ;-)

Special thanks goes to my favorite golf partner, my husband, for venturing off into the woods to retrieve one of my pretty purple golf balls so I didn’t have to. He also gets the award for the birdie of the day! On #16 he hit a beautiful shot off the tee box over the scrub and put the ball just a few feet from the pin and then proceeded to hit a sweet little putt giving him a birdie on a par 3. Nice!




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