November 20, 2017

Golfing Half Moon Bay

Golf Half Moon Bay California

Last week I had the absolute privilege of golfing the Ocean Course at the very spectacular Half Moon Bay Golf Course at the Ritz-Carlton as part of the ShareASale ThinkTank annual event. This is the second time I have played golf on the Pacific, and while this time was definitely a bit cooler, the views and course were no less spectacular. The Ocean Course at Half Moon Bay is a links style course that winds its way against the hill, down a valley and back up to the Pacific Ocean for the back nine. The views are amazing!

Since we were traveling I knew we would be renting clubs but I would need my own shoes. I was so happy to have my pink Cleatskins for golf because that meant I did not have to pack a spare set of tennis shoes for walking from our hotel room to the golf course and I didn’t have to ruin my cleats in the process. When we got to the clubhouse our cart and rental clubs were ready to go. My rentals were TaylorMade – how cool was that!! I had a TaylorMade Ladies Burner Driver, Fairway Wood and irons and my putter and wedges were TaylorMade Rossa. Sweet. It made me feel like I was playing in an LPGA event or something of that caliber.

Just like when you drive a new car, you have to get used to a few differences in performance and using the TaylorMade clubs definitely took me a few holes to adapt. Well, add to that the greens at Half Moon Bay were ridiculously FAST! Whoa! Your ball would hit the green and speed up – or at least it seemed. After about 5 holes, we figured out how to adjust for the green speed, winds, and distractions brought on by the general silliness that can come with playing a relaxed game with some comedic partners!

I had a few really great drives – and a few really bad ones! My putting seems to be getting better, too, but that middle game still makes me a bit crazy! I am getting better with my fairway woods and my lucky number seven is truly my go-to club for my second or third shot. There were a few challenging holes that had water hazards between the tee box and the green and much to my surprise I got my trusty pink ball on the green in one stroke on the two trickiest holes.

We teed off at 1:30 in the afternoon so by the time we got to #16 the sun was going down, the wind was kicking up and it was getting cold. I didn’t really care, though, I was playing golf on a beautiful course with my favorite golf partner (my husband) and was loving every minute of it. Who needs to feel your hands when you golf anyway? The sunset was beautiful and I can now add Half Moon Bay’s Ocean Course to my list of courses I have played. Thanks again to all my friends at ShareASale for making this year’s event one I will not soon forget!

Note: This was originally posted in October 2010 on my site but since I loved golfing Half Moon Bay, I just had to share it with you here.

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