November 20, 2017

For The Love of (Golf) Shoes

Purple Ecco Womens Golf Street Shoes A girl can never have too many shoes – and if you looked in my closet, you’d know that I totally agree. Actually, I own more pairs of athletic shoes than dressy shoes and I definitely am willing to spend more on my athletic shoes than I am on dress shoes!  Can you relate?

Anyhow, with golf season starting up I can’t help myself!! The womens’ golf shoes this year are just too cute!! I know, I still have a brand new pair of FootJoy’s still in the box that I haven’t had a chance to wear, but the ECCO Golf Street line is just so.darn.cute, and how about those yellow Puma Golf shoes… Choices, choices.

Do you have a favorite pair of golf shoes or are you like me, where one pair just isn’t enough?

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