November 20, 2017

Celebration Golf

I golf pink Yesterday my favorite golf partner – my husband – and I played Pendleton in a round of celebration golf. We were actually celebrating two things. We had hosted his Retirement Party on Saturday (he retired from the military after 26 years and will be headed to career #2 next) and after a weekend of family, friends and general craziness, we needed to unwind. We also had to get our golf in yesterday because it was the last full day of school for the kids – I guess you might call that a reason to celebrate – or panic.

We had a 9 a.m. tee time and since it was a Monday morning the only other people on the course were a group of guys who work there and two foursomes of older gentlemen. No one was booked behind us which was just so nice. No rushing. It was a pretty foggy morning so for the first 6-7 holes the course was dewey wet and our golf towels got a good workout.

golf cart sign The first drive of the day was solid - it was on the fairway -  no sandtrap or dead frogs today – and I felt pretty confident right out of the shoot. That was going to be short-lived because I grabbed my 7 iron and went to hit the ball down the fairway and somehow managed to hit one of the little signs directing you to drive your cart back to the path. Really? That little thing? Yep, I managed to hit it and got a weird bounce to the right from it.

On lucky #7 both of us managed to get the ball on the green in one, but I only needed a two-putt and I parred a hole for the first time this season. Yeah, me!! Granted it was a par 3 and not what I would call a hard hole, but I got a par, so I was plenty happy.

The other thing I figured out this time out was that I can really swing my 3 wood. For some reason I had never really tested that club. Yesterday it was by far my most effective club on the long fairways. I think the reason I did well with it, it that is long. I am 5′ 8″ tall and I think some of my clubs might be a little short. I have decided to keep my current clubs for the rest of this season, but then get new ones next spring – and actually have them fitted for me.

Memorable shots:

  • Somehow I managed to hit a cart sign
  • Finally over shot the green on a water hazard instead of landing short like I usually do and sending one into the water
  • Lobbed a shot from a mogul to the green with my 60 degree wedge that was just so pretty

Balls lost:

  • One to water and 2 to the scrub

Favorite clubs:

  • 3 wood gets the star of the day and my lob wedge gets honorable mention


  • Still averaging 6 strokes a hole – some better, some worse ;-)

The kids are out of school at the end of this week and my little golf buddy – my nine year old daughter – is already asking for driving range time. Woohoo! I knew I got her hooked on this for a reason. She is already signed up for golf camp in July and has asked if she can have a glove like mine that only covers half your fingers (which I love!).  Stay tuned for more updates as we head into summer, get lots of driving range practice, take a lesson or two and if I am lucky, we’ll play some courses on vacation.

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