May 29, 2017


Three Pink Golf Shoes I Love

Our golf season start has been delayed just a bit between the extra long winter Mother Nature decided to give us and my husband’s injury this winter, but I am starting to get antsy. For some reason I am of the mind set that there is no such thing as too many pair of cute […]


How Did I Go All Summer With NO Golf?

Okay, so I am still trying to figure this one out… how is it that an entire summer passed me by and I did not get out to golf ONCE? Oh, I know… the kids were all home and someone needed to go somewhere every day.  Anyhow, the kids are back in school and hubs […]

ready for golf

Kicking off the 2012 Season Mud-Golfing Style

Snow on Monday, 75 degree temps on Thursday… that means its time to golf, right? Oh, yeah, it sounded good in theory and it ended up fine, but we forgot to factor in one thing… a mucky course! But, who cares, a golf day is a golf day, especially if the sun is shining. That’s […]


Pinnacle Looking for Inspiring Golfers in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Pinnacle Golf is looking for golfers who have “gone the distance” in the fight against breast cancer. The golf ball manufacturer has launched the Going the Distance Awards, a program that celebrates and honors golfers who are making an impact in battling this disease. Ten honorees will have a $10,000 donation made in their name to help fund critical breast […]

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What Do You Get A Golf Girl For Her Birthday?

How’s that for a headline? So I had a birthday this week – not a milestone birthday, but just another one of those birthdays that starts with a 4 and just happens to end with a 3. And what does my family know I want for my birthday? Well, that would be golf goodies! In […]